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Date: March 17, 2017 Author: onslowwqsbqc Categories: Newsletter

Welcome everyone to the 2017-2018 school year. It is my pleasure to invite you into this small glimpse of life here at Onslow Elementary, through our sharing of information, important documents, and photographs of daily life at the school. In this, my second year, I have learned wonderful things about this community-driven school, a place that is a small school with a large heart.

If you are unsuccessful in locating correct dates, or if you need clarification about any matter to do with Onslow Elementary, please do not hesitate to call (see number below).


Grady Robson, Principal

September/October Newsletter

September 11/17
Dear All:

In this, our first newsletter of the year, it is my pleasure to let everyone know that life at Onslow Elementary is as active and vibrant at this early point in the year as it was last year in the middle of the year, and this is only the second week of school. Students are already fully engaged in learning during class time, and they are equally engaged in social interactions during recess and lunch hour activities. We do have a number of events planned for this month and next, and these days are all noted in the balance of this newsletter. If at any time you have a question about any of the events, the best place to start is to call Adele (819-458-2375).
Last Thursday evening, we had a successful Open House and Annual General Meeting at the school. I would like to include a few points from the meeting in this newsletter, in order to keep everyone informed. First of all, if you wish to receive written material (a syllabus) on a course of study your child is engaged in, please simply request the material either from the subject teacher or from me directly. This also applies to the Standards and Procedures document, which is a school published notice that outlines and explains the significant grading and evaluation details throughout the year in all courses of study (this document will be posted on the OES website in the days to come). The second important point has to do with S.E.A.C. (Special Education Advisory Committee), an advisory and consultative body that helps to form Special Education policy for the board. If your child has an I.E.P. (Individual Education Plan), and if you are interested in being on this committee, please let me know and I will forward your name to the committee chair. From there, you will be contacted to learn more about the selection process. The third important point has to do with the formation of the OES Governing Board. I am pleased to announce that the parents component of the Governing Board will include: Carolyn Kenney (Parent’s Committee representative); Hollie Leach; Amanda Nugent (Parent’s Committee alternative representative); and Shannon Nugent. As an aside here, I would like to formally thank Melissa McGurran, who is stepping down after many years of service to the school as both a member and as the Chair of the Governing Board.

As always, please call or send me an email if you have any questions or concerns (
Take care,

Grady Robson

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