• Onslow Elementary



From the site: http://www.heritagepontiac.ca/hhf.htm

What is now known as the Albert Kennedy Centre at #885 Clarendon was the Quyon Model School from 1904-1950. This school went up to Grade 9. Originally there was a second-storey, but this burned down. From 1950 until the early 2000s it was the Women’s Institute building. It is now used as a community centre, the Albert Kennedy Centre, named after a long-time volunteer.

In 1950 the Onslow Intermediate School was built on the south side of Clarendon, on the corner with Pontiac road, consolidating four one-room rural schoolhouses, and teaching grades one to ten until 1962 when grade 10 students were bussed to Shawville. In 1968 Onslow Intermediate became Onslow Elementary, with grades 7-9 students attending the regional high school.