Governing Board

  • Onslow Elementary

Governing Board

In Quebec, many policies and decisions involving the operation of the school are approved by a committee known as the Governing Board.  Items such as the school’s operating budget, rental of facilities, extra-curricular activities, time out of classes, subject-time allocation and others are brought to governing board by the principal for approval.

Onslow’s governing board is a parity committee (equal representation) composed of 4 parent representatives and 4 staff representatives.  The principal and 2 community representatives are also members of the board.  However, only the staff and parent representatives have voting rights.

2017-2018 Representatives

Amanda Nugent Parent Representative, Chair
Carolyn Kenney Parent Representative, Parent Committee
Hollie Leach Parent Representative
Shannon Nugent Parent Representative
Christine Derouin Staff Representative
Louise Barette Staff Representative
Sheena Hudson Staff Representative
Alex Smith Staff Representative
Grady Robson Principal