Health & Safety

  • Onslow Elementary

Health & Safety

In order to adopt a healthy, active lifestyle, and for students to take responsibility for their own health, we encourage students to bring healthy foods to school. We remind all concerned that candies, chocolates, chips, soft drinks, and gum are discouraged at school. The school asks parents and guardians to pay close attention to the amount of sugar related products that are packed in your child’s lunch and snack each day.


ALL VISITORS MUST REPORT TO THE OFFICE to sign in. It is forbidden to circulate in the school without receiving authority from the Principal or Secretary. Children are not permitted to open outside doors for visitors. This will ensure the security of your child.

Early Departure

When children are to leave school early, parents must send a note to their child’s homeroom teacher on the day in question. Please ensure that notice is given to this effect at the beginning of the day to avoid confusion at bus time.