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  • Onslow Elementary

Policies & Procedures

Medication Policy

Medications will be administered by the school staff to students ONLY with parent’s written permission. Parents are required to fill out a medication consent form prior to the administration of the medication. These forms can be sent home via your child, or you may come to school and fill one out. The permission form requires that the prescription from the doctor (information on the pharmacist’s label) be provided. Medication must be brought to the school by the parent and left at the office. Students may not bring medication to school in school bags or lunch boxes. Over the counter medication (eg. cough syrup, aspirin) will not be administered without a doctor’s prescription.

Homework Policy

Students in Cycle 1.1 to Cycle 3.2 will copy their homework assignment in the Student Planner. Parents of children in Kindergarten to Cycle 1.2 are encouraged to read to or listen to their children read each day. Homework may also include special assignments and projects. Parents should verify that homework is done each night and should sign the planner to confirm this. Students who do not finish their class work are expected to complete it at home or may be asked to complete it at a recess time.

Textbook Policy

Each child is issued the necessary textbooks for selected subject areas. Students are expected to cover these textbooks and to treat them with care. Lost or damaged textbooks must be replaced at a cost to the parents/guardians.

Internet Policy

Students do not access the Internet without their teacher’s permission. A staff member must be present at all times. Students are expected to access sites for educational purposes only. Any inappropriate use will result in suspension of Internet privileges.

Transportation Policy

Students are to behave in the same manner on the school bus as they would at school. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in a suspension of transportation services. Parents are reminded that students must take the same bus each morning and the same bus each night. The school cannot allow students to alternate buses. (Refer to transportation policy on the WQSB website www.wqsb.qc.ca ).

In case of inclement weather, please refer to the website for notice of school bus cancellation and/or school closure. Notice is also given on most local radio stations.

Electronics/Toys Policy

Electronic devices such as iPods, DS games, cameras and cell phones are prohibited at school or on the bus unless permission is granted from the principal or teacher for a special occasion.